About Us

Edge is a payments platform founded on fairness and inclusivity of all merchants, without bias against industries mislabeled as high-risk.

We are a modern payment solution for every legal industry accepting payments. Simply put, we aim to provide peace of mind for every merchant, not just some. We believe a business should be thoroughly underwritten and assessed before ever being labeled "high-risk."

Unfortunately, that's rarely the case. Many industries ignored by modern payment systems are forced to settle for ancient processing at the highest cost. Edge offers an alternative, giving businesses the tools they need to spend less time worrying about payments and more time focusing on their business. Payments are just the beginning; moving forward, Edge will continue building a safe and secure ecosystem of products and offerings to best serve the space.


Not all businesses are created equally, but they should be serviced equally. Unfortunately, many companies have been stuck with payment processors that take advantage of the fact there's no competition in the space. As a result, they haven't felt the need to update, offer outdated solutions, and have laughable customer service.

Our Solution

We take pride in bringing a genuine approach to payments. We believe in providing the best solutions and fair costs for every merchant who joins us on this journey. Since you put trust in us, we are determined to earn it. It may seem strange to state that our brilliant idea is to do good business, but honesty is innovative in a predatory industry. Edge is a payments platform; we provide the best possible solutions and build products you will likely never have to think about again, simply because they work. Groundbreaking, we know.

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